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Hello all,


I really like the ability to generate basic reports with Domotz and I think with a few tweeks they could be made even better. I'd like to offer some suggestions and would appreciate feedback from others if you think these features may benefit you or if you think they would be a bad idea and why.


  1. Automated reports that can be set to automatically email at a specific frequency/on a specific day
  2. It would be nice if the WAN performance line chart in the report could display internet disconnects/drops as a red dip on the graph to make them easier to identify
  3. Important device up/down history
  4. Ability to edit agent addresses (probably more of an Domotz portal feature) but it's on the report
  5. Report naming - Instead of just naming the generated report "report" when emailed, why can't Domotz change it so that the file name is something like [Agent Name]-Report-YYYYMMDD? Downloading multiple reports at once becomes confusing when all of them are named "report," and for customers that may have multiple sites, it would make it easier for them to distinguish which report goes to which property
  6. Speaking of customers with multiple properties/agents, it would be nice if we could group agents and generate one report with all the information for each agent site in a single report
  7. The ability to set custom dates for the reports would be nice (though if report generation were automated then this wouldn't be necessary). If I want to send my customer a report of the past 30 days, I need to make sure the report is generated exactly at the end of the 30 days report cycle. This is an unnecessarily burdensome. Even if you limit the report length to 30 days, it would still be nice to be able to set a start/end date and generate something 30 days from/before that date.


These are just some of the things I've noticed in the very short time I've been using Domotz.


Keep up the good work!

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