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Edimax Smartplugs no longer configurable

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since a mandatory firmware update the Edimax Smartplugs SP-2101W and 1101W (identical to 2101W minus the power measurement) are no longer unlockable in Domotz. even correct credentials are rejected. Firmware 2.04 now demands an alphanumeric password of  6 or more characters instead of the four digit numeric code it used before.

This means that the plugs can't be condfigured, can't be unlinked from the devices they controlled (the plug symbol remains even with plug "pseudo" deleted).


The to me incomprehensible decision by Domotz to provide no means to REALLY remove devices from the network means that there is no way to correct this because the plugs come back to their zombie state when they are reconnected to the network. not even their name changes are picked up by domotz. In case I ever get an agent running properly again on one of my Qnaps I'd really like a way to correct glitches like that without having to fire off a support email.

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