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Getting bombed with Alexa (echo dot) up down.


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The echo line form amazon (alexa) do not answer ping.  Something changed in a recent up date or something.  But just getting bombed with up/down and heartbeats


There are many IoT devices that may not answer ping.. Should be possible just set these devices to be monitored via arp vs domotz pinging it.. Should be able to turn off the pinging of any specific device.  And use something else, maybe a eye to check if up down.  Or just if it answers arp, etc.

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The system already send a mix of Ping and Arp Ping (together). However, from within the device view itself you can configure a custom period to specify how long should the system wait before marking that device to be DOWN. Therefore, you can remove the alert on the heartbeat and increase that custom period to something working properly for the Alexa device (e.g. 30-40 min). Some device, especially if battery powered, go in a sort of sleeping mode, and they do not answer back to ping or arp ping neither.


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