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Raspberry pi now useless


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I know this is being looked at by support but I am still at a complete loss as to why you would do a software update that has killed so many agents. I’ve now got 7 out of 9 out of action which your post is telling me is my fault as I was running an older version of the software. Surely the point of this software is that it updates itself without needing a site visit, or at the very least continues to work until a maintenance visit is due. 


The ongoing cost is not particularly cheap compared to other solutions and I now have to swallow the cost of at least 3 days labour to visit these 7 sites to update the software. I’ve had no response from my latest email to support which I think is dreadful customer service. 


If if you can only offer me the option of having to pay to go out and update these myself I’m afraid they are being removed and replaced and I expect a full refund for all the credits on my account and the credits I bought for the units not working. As a small business I have put the domotz in to stop me having to go out to customers for minor issues. Now I’ve got to go because of domotz. 


Not a happy customer.  

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On 11/8/2017 at 10:00 PM, Webcentrik said:

Not a happy customer.  


As both of us know, issues might happen. The important thing is working together to resolve them as soon as possible, and in a very collaborative way.


I hope this will be resolved in the best way for your business and with a very low impact on your time/money. We really take care of our customers: as you can see, when connecting directly with our support, we are doing our best to offer the best resolution, even when using a DIY solution. I just want to make sure that at the end of the resolution of this case, you will be an happy Domotz customer again.

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Seems that latest updates also kill off Domotz on Debian 8.9 (I have one running on a HP Gen8 Microserver that worked great for 6 months until start of November)

Domotz runs fine on 2.0.3-001 but as soon as you log onto the agent, it force runs updates, "patches bugs" and bingo - domotz dead.

It's the same problem I have on Beaglebones. Sadly it means (seemingly for some of us) burning credits to test software that dies on updating (which seems unstoppable).

It didn't matter so much when Domotz boxes could be bought direct, but I don't want to open an account with distis I've never heard of. In the UK there are a handful of Distis that I trust and if I can't buy through them then I'd rather not have that product. Good distis are a very important part of the credibility chain as they protect the reputations of those they supply! 

I note Domotz are happy to collaboratively work with pro dealers and to be fair I had very good help with QNAP app - hope that plain Debian will receive the same support.

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I'd just like to post a glowing update to Brent at Domotz Support.

Looks like I was going through a link on the forums for an old Debian release. The latest Debian install is on the official Downloads page under Raspberry / Debian.

That works like a charm.

May be little comfort to those who have to visit to make the updates - for what it's worth, I always set up a way in via VPN. If your router (or customer router) doesn't support VPN, you may want to look at Mikrotik for a low cost, great line of routers. I don't work for 'tik, but have put in about 200 of their devices in the past year and would happily recommend. Still need a public IP address to get in on, but maybe a phone call asking a customer to Google "what's my IP" is easier than driving miles to get to them!

Enjoy ~

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