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No reply from support or on the forum.

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Dear user,


as a member of the support team, I would like to mention that we usually reply to any support request within few hours. In your case I see your ticket was taken by our CTO who wanted to reply you directly. Perhaps he has been too busy recently, but I will make sure to chase him and provide you with a feedback.


With regard to the support for the Raspberry Pi, we continue to support that, and as a matter of fact, we are providing the newer package version through the Domotz Portal.


Thanks for your understanding

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The newer package is great but I’ve got to truck roll to 7 sites to update them. What’s to say you don’t do the same thing in six months time when I’ve got another 10 out there that you brick with a software update and then I have 17 to manually update? Who pays for that clearly not my subscription cost. 

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Hope everything will go fine with the solution we have provided for the current emergency.

Going forward:

- the Domotz Box has a good provisioning channel able to recover everything

- our team is working and making more and more powerful and robust also our packages for DIY installations

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