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Synology DS218+


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Hi Giancarlo


Ive just set up a Synology DS218+ and I can't see Domotz in the Package Center.


Is there an ETA for the 18 Series? Is there a download available?


Domotz and Synology are a great combination!


Many thanks.




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We are working hard to have the Domotz Agent also supported on the 18Series. But as you can immagine, there hare a lot of things to take care when considering to support new architectures (and Synology, by themself, have already so many different architectures that we already support).


Thanks for your patience.

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The x18 Series is now supported. We are waiting to Synology team to publish the new package on their MarketPlace. Please refer to the following topic if you want to manually install on your Synology NAS x18:



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On 2/13/2019 at 4:59 AM, Casper181 said:

The DS218J hasn't made the cut. Any reason for this? Can it be added please?

the DS218J is based on a particular Architecture (Armada 38x). 


For this particular architecture, we submitted to Synology the following package:



However, Synology have never promoted that on the Store. You can try to install that on your NAS (as third-party package). If there is no Icon on the Desktop after the installation, just connect to port 3000 of your Synology NAS, where the Domotz Agent is ready to be configured.

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