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Raspberry Pi Agent failed


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As of last night, our raspberry Pi agent went off line and is not coming back after a reboot - just like the QNAP ones did a while back.  The agent reports 1.5.0 whereas the domotz boxes are all at 1.7.0

Can you let me know how to force an update (urgently) please?




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Hi Oliver and Dave,


Dave is correct that re-installing the package for the Raspberry Pi will resolve the situation. The package includes the 1.5.0 version but there were no new visible features in the 1.7.0 compared to the 1.5.0 so you will be able to get running again while we resolve any problems that may occur with the automatic update to the 1.7.0 agent.


Let us know if you have any problems with this and please try to send any questions to support@domotz.com so we make sure we don't miss them.


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