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Autotask Endpoint Management

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Greetings, we use AEM (formerly Centrastage) for our site management. However, we're exploring adding the Domotz hardware and licensing as a quick extensible way to scan and monitor in a more granular way, so that we can share a portion of this insights information with our clients. We can add a monitor to track the Domotz box on the network, but is there any way we can connect the analytics from your box back to AEM for alerting, notifications, etc? It would be easier to generally have that single pane of glass experience and not need to rely on a separate dashboard and app to track a site issue. Thanks. Cheers, Matt

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8 minutes ago, Silvio said:

Hi Grossmat, are you just talking about feeding alerts/notifications from domotz to AEM, or do you mean something more? 

Hi Silvio,


We are also interested in this thread, We would like to achieve the same as Grossmat mentioned. Is there currently a way to feed alerts/ notifications from domotz to AEM?





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Hi Silvio. Interesting question. AEM overlaps with network scanning and SNMP, proxy tunnel access, etc. But your UI and ability to tag devices is nicer, so I imagine passing the notification and status info back to AEM but then ideally, allowing for device-level click-thru back to the Domotz portal if we need to follow the notification to drill down on the Domotz side.

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