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I've seen a few comments by staff mentioning a "roadmap" of future features. Is this posted somewhere? Somewhere we can look to see if/when certain features are expected to be released? If not a timeline, maybe a build number? 


With that, could we vote for certain features to get more of a priority? Sort of like a bidding for features?  You may have certain features already laid out to a specific build number, but if 250 Beta testers voted for one feature over another, maybe some focus could be shifted?

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yes (on the voting) we would be more than happy to prioritize according to user demands, getting feedback was one of the main goals of this forum. we were thinking of starting polls as soon as we got all betas on the forum, we are a little less than halfway there, so they'll start soon. 

As per the roadmap, essentially what we have is a bunch of things that we want to deliver by year end which we see as the completion of the core functionality for the live service to start in January. you can find more details of what this stuff is in the Key features release post. Plus we need to fix the known limitation. These will take us to November/December although there may be room to deliver some extra goodies in between. 

Then we have a very long laundry list of all kinds of ideas we have (some less crazy than others - support for 3G-dongle for back up for example) - these are currently lumped as generic "2016 roadmap"  which has not been prioritized yet. 

We are on a two weeks development cycle and normally try to stay focused on what's coming in the next 2-3 development sprints so things are overall flexible. We also try at every delivery to combine infrastructure upgrades (which you don't really see) with new user features to make sure you get something new on a continuous basis. 

We'll post more colour on this topic, including the stuff that you asked for in the other post,  as we go along



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