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Aten PDU Control via Violet App


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I have an ATEN PDU which I am using to reset the power on various devices, I was hoping that I can use the Violet app as a way for the client to manage this. I have registered Violet to the system and can see the ATEN PDU in the app but cannot see how to actually control the outputs of the ATEN. Does anyone have any experience on how to do this?


Many thanks




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Hi Paul,


you need to associate devices (e.g. Switch_A) connected to each port of the Aten PDU. Visit the PDU device details, under config, press (+) on the outlet where you want to associate the specific device.


Once done that, the power control is available directly at the device level (e.g. when you open the info for Switch_A). From Domotz Pro, then you can allow your Violet customer to control power directly on the device (e.g. Switch_A).


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