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Lutron RA2 remote access

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Is it possible to remote access into the client's network to program a Lutron RadioRA2 main repeater?  If so, is there a document or video that explains how to get my laptop on the client's network?  To save "truck rolls"... having the ability to get my client's networks to program Lutron and RTi, would beneficial... VPN?

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Hi @1puttpro it's possible, please just follow these steps:

Lutron Instruction

  1. Select the Lutron Processor 
  2. Go in "Connect" tab
  3. Click on "Create a TCP tunnel"
  4. Insert the Lutron Processor TCP Port. By default "51023"
  5. Wait to have the tunnel setup
  6. You get two informations:
    • Host
    • Port
  7. Open Lutron Designer program on your Laptop and:
    • Activate -> Processors --> Remote Access form 
    • Insert the previously retrieved Host/Port to be inserted here (see attachment as an example)
    • Save & Apply
  8. Now you can use your Lutron tool to  to remotely access to the processor:

a - Designer+ Tool for Lutron HomeWorks QS:



b - Lutron RadioRA 2 System Overview for Lutron RadioRA:

Go to the Find Main Repeater Screen from here in the Design Tab 


And select Advanced, then Remote for System communications as shown here:


He should also have had a previous transfer without the checkbox being selected “Restrict Communications to Local LAN”.


Let us know if you any issue.


Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support


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