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Devices showing online when they're not


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I'm a little worried - the whole point of Domotz was to get a early jump on issues before client's call us.

I've just been informed that a client's SkyQ boxes are all offline - I've connected in, and can confirm that the IP addresses allocated to SkyQ are unreachable.  However, Domotz is currently reporting them as online.

The devices are configured for alerts and set to important - but - nothing.

Please advise.


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Dear Oliver,


this type of issue are really high priority for us. In order to proper manage that, can you please drop an email to Support (support (at) domotz.com)?


Please specify:

- agent name or MAC address of the Domotz Box

- device which is showing online on Domotz but currently offline (IP address and MAC address)


We will investigate this very soon.

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2 hours ago, OliverHall said:

Hi Giancarlo,


Thanks for jumping onto this - I've sent you the details on support [at] dom...


I'm seeing the same info through both the web app and the iOS app.


Thanks a lot for your help in investigating this further.


As confirmed through the Support channel, the issue was strictly related to the SkyQ boxes, and not related to the Domotz monitoring solution.


As a matter of fact, the SkyQ were discovered on the network (even using software like nmap or Fing), but were not working properly.


In this case, as recommended through the Support, a monitoring of the TCP service (for example HTTP on port 80), with a relative alert, would have proactively triggered the issue on those SkyQ boxes. 

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