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Domotz Agent available for Epic 3 and Epic 4


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We have great news, Luxul has released a Firmware Update for their Epic 3 and Epic 4 Router series, which embed the Domotz Agent.


Watch this Video to Learn How to Activate Domotz:



Known Limitations:
  1. This Domotz version only monitors the management VLAN/VLAN1. Added VLANs will be added in a future release of Luxul firmwares.
  2. Mac Address filtering will be added in a future release of Domotz Agent (ETA: end of February 2018)
  3. After enabling Domotz the router will be under high utilization while the Domotz agent is installed, updated (if necessary) and configured. This can take about 5 minutes. Please be patient.
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