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Factory Reset or Reset Network to start again

Guest Andy Baker

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Guest Andy Baker



I am looking for a way to 'start again' with a Domotz box on a network or, at least, force it to rescan the entire network ...

The unit we have out 'on test' worked great for while then some devices showed as offline even though they weren't. To try and get them back I deleted them in the hope that they would reappear automagically - they haven't.


So is there a way to 'factory reset' the Domotz box or another solution?



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Hi there, 


If the Domotz box is restricted, it means that the box is ready to be configured. You can configure it by connecting to the box on port 3000 through a browser and using your Domotz account;


If you identify any errors during the activation process, contact our support team at support@domotz.com sending the box's MAC address and we will assist you.


If you have the Domotz Box model B-12, you can factory reset it by following these steps:


  1. Unplug from the power
  2. put a pin in the reset hole of the Box. Keep the reset button pressed
  3. Plug the power
  4. Keep the reset button pressed for additional 20 seconds

After that, the entire factory reset will take around 10-15 minutes.


Note that previous models (B-01, B-02, B-03, and B-11) do not have a reset button, their reset process will be done by connecting a display and keyboard through the TUI (Text Used Interface - CTRL + ALT + F2).

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