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Well, we haven't done direct tests with RTI. But I guess the Open TCP can be used to remotely connect to RTI control processor, in the same way it is currently possible with Savant, Crestron, Lutron, Contro4, and more... we have guides for those control systems, but not yet had a chance to perform a test on an RTI system.

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Here is the RTI info.

Its service for RTI Panel talks on port 4110. Monitoring this port lets me know when the RTI processor locks up.

Port 80 is used for the diagnostics page and USUALLY goes off line when the processor is locked up.

ICMP can be used to monitor the processors... but they continue to respond to pings EVEN AFTER A COMPLETE LOCK UP.


AS for updating a system remotely... there are 2 ports required... 5053 has to be forwarded to the DEVICE BEING UPDATED and 5056 has to be forwarded to the computer SENDING THE UPDATE. (THIS ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, and is the reason I have to use VPNs to send updates to systems remotely.) Its also BS to have to keep changing ports in the router to forward to each RTI device before you can send to it.

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Any update on this? 

Also RTI released a firmware update that has a ton of zigee info and diagnostics info. Such as the Zigbee channel thats currently in use, RSSI and LQI levels as well. 

Can we get this built into domotz?  I can test or even supply hardware if needed.   Pic below is what we see on the Processor.  Would be great if we can see this on the domotz app as well. 


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