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North America Outage - March 2, 2018


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Some of you might had already a chance to read our social announce (twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc). If not, I invite you to follow Domotz on at least Twitter to have the possibility to be informed proactively on the status of our service.


Basically, we’ve received reports of Domotz Agents dropping offline. Domotz and many other cloud providers are experiencing the effects of a global network issue. We’re currently monitoring the situation and hope the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. 


For example see screenshot from www.downdetector.com:





There might be still some issues with our upstream providers (Amazon Web Services, DNS providers, ISP Provider, etc) which might still cause delays/unavailability with Domotz. Our apologies for the disruption this may be causing, even if not strictly related to Domotz and thanks for your patience during this resolution.


Note that some Domotz Agents in North East area of US might be offline due to very bad weather conditions (just to add more issues not related to Domotz).


At the moment, the login on our Portal is working properly and you can use our Cloud services to monitor your site: some agents might still appear offline or not working properly on some functionalities.


Please see below the area in the North America mainly affected by this issue. Other areas in the world might also be affected by the same disruption:




We don’t have additional information about the root cause of this global issue on most of the providers in the world (might be a consequence of the DDoS performed recently against some online services). We will continue to monitor and do our best to assist all of you.


We appreciate your patience during the resolution of this issue.

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