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Network issues and agent reset


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Hello team,

Why can I not reset an agent with a lifetime subscription? The option is not available. I tried to make changes in the network section of the agent and now its no longer accessible.

Also, I have a router with 2 ports (ubiquiti edge router), one is configured as (domotz is on this subnet through unmanaged switch) and the other is connected to a different unmanaged switch

How can I get domotz to scan across this network as well? The network section in agent isn’t clear as to how to add a subnet. Note, there are no vlans configured here and I don’t need any.


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The lifetime license cannot be cancelled or transferred to another box (unless in case of failure of the Box / RMA): it is linked to the physical box. You cannot Reset that agent and recover the credits. 


In case of RMA, Domotz can migrate the license and all the data to a new physical device as a Backoffice activity (please contact support). 

For configuring the agent to monitor another subnet you need to make sure its under the advanced plan first and then go to the device's tile.

On the top you will see a " + Manual Devices or Subnets" (tab/click on it) --> Configure a Private subnet scan --> Add a Private Subnet.

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