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Stop pinging a device


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Once the network has been discovered, is there a way to stop ping a device or devices, short of disconnecting them from the network? I am having a connection issue with a couple of devices, and I want to remove the Domotz signal from the mix.




Stephen Keating

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At the moment there is only a way for avoiding that a device is continuously "pinged" by Domotz Agent (and scanned for services and other information). This is part of the Blacklist. In order to put a Device in the blacklist, at the moment it is required to configure a file on the hardware hosting the Domotz Agent (if that is a Domotz Box, please email Support with the Agent name and the MAC address of the device you want to blacklist).


In the next few weeks, we will release a new feature which will allow you to blacklist (and control blacklisted devices) directly from the App/WebApp.


How To Blacklist a list of MAC addresses to be scanned

You can exclude a certain number of devices, identified by their MAC address from scanning, via a configuration file called devices_to_exclude.conf

This file includes the list of MAC address for devices which the user do not want to scan. E.g.:

Once you have configured the file, you will need add that file to the following folder:

Where DOMOTZ_ROOT_DIR  changes depending on the platform they have the Domotz Agent installed on:
Domotz Box/Pi = (please contact support)
Netgear = /apps/domotz
Synology = /var/packages/domotz/target
Qnap = depends on the hard drive - usually under Volume1 subfolders
Debian packages = /opt/domotz

You will then need to restart the Domotz Agent, and then the devices which have been put in the black list will be "marked" by the agent as Offline. No scans are performed against these devices, apart from the initial ping/scan (at least once per day).

Please note that still there is a scan per day performed by the Agent (just to get the association between MAC address and IP address).

Alternatively, if the IP address of the devices you want to Blacklist are static, you might consider blocking completely the traffic toward that IP address: this configuration, however, completely depend on the hardware you are using to host the Domotz Agent. As you can imagine, we can't provide recommendations for third party hardware (Synology or QNAP NAS). The method requires changing the routing table of the device hosting the Domotz Agent itself.


Finally, it is worth to remind that the Domotz Agent performs scans on multicast (e.g. ARP Ping every 30 seconds, Upnp, etc). If the end device suffers from being scanned or receiving multicast messages, in few weeks Domotz will release a feature which allows completely blocking the scan of a network, and continue to monitor only the required devices.

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