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Network Security features: beta testers wanted!


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We are finalising the development of some network security features, which I am sure most of our users will love.

The idea is that Domotz will periodically run a security assessment of your network and alert you if any new threat is found.

We are looking for few volunteers happy to try this feature on their agents.

Please write me in private if interested.

Thank you!

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On 1/19/2019 at 10:10 PM, FaustoCruz said:

Hey guys,

Anything ever come of this?

I sent you a private message and don't think i heard back.



Hi Fausto,

by mid of February, the CyberSecurity features (perimeter scans) will be part of the Domotz Pro, as part of a new plan.

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I have it enabled on most of my agents. Saves me running my own nmap scan. 

Has revealed some interesting results... like one particular ISP here leaving 50001 open on their modem/routers.


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