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Multiple Internet Connections


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We have many clients with multiple Internet connections.  Is there any way people are checking that the backup connection is online and reachable?  We use another monitoring platform for workstations and servers that has the ability to do this because it's hosted in AWS, but I'd like to have that functionality in Domotz too.  The only way I've come up with a way to monitor this is set a static route to a specific host on the firewall through the backup connection and monitor that external host from the Domotz.



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The workaround you have in mind, is the one I can think about. If I understood correctly, you use the External Public IP/Hostname monitoring, which is initialized from the Agent point of view. 


Are the multiple Internet Connections having different public IP addresses? If so, why you should configure static route to the secondary public IP address? 

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Sorry, I don't seem to be getting notifications from here.  Yes, we setup the WAN IP's of each ISP and monitor TTL and ping round trip.  Typically we do simple failover between the two.  If we split the load, we specify certain internal VLANs or hosts to go out the secondary connection.  The static route to an external host is necessary if we're monitoring it from the Domotz and need to force the traffic out the connection it doesn't use as it's primary.  One way around this now is to add to the external port scan another WAN IP to scan/monitor for ports.  This will address both additional IP addresses on the primary connection and a secondary ISP connection.

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