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Spiceworks Intergration/Features


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I run spiceworks on my server, is there going be a way to incorporate, mirror, import from it? 

Any plans on making running them together a benefit?

If no plans to have them coexist then maybe add the support form feature to domotz so I can retire the spiceworks server, spiceworks is a hog and I only use the form, RDP, and asset tracking features.

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Unlike most IT monitoring/ support system out there which are built for the IT professional (Spiceworks being one of them), at Domotz we have decided to try a different approach and are targeting the end consumer, who is usually less IT skilled and requires a more simplified and intuitive user experience. With the advance of technology in the home, we want a non-technical user to be able to be "in control" of his/her devices and have some understanding of what is going on (and what is NOT going on) in his/her network.

For the more affluent end-user who is serviced by professional installers, and there are clearly many out there, we see Domotz providing the plumbing for delivering external support remotely: the end-user enables the trusted technician to access his devices via the cloud and the IT Pro can then take over (or double up) the monitoring and maintenance of the customer system from remote. Hence why we will be soon (before year end) introduce SNMP support and are also looking at supporting some of the more common home automation gateways in 2016. Along these lines, we also plan to introducing during H1 2016 installer friendly features such as a professional dashboard, but just to be clear this is still at the idea stage. In the meantime, professional installers will still be able to support multiple agents via the dashboard which we are introducing for the Pilot release by the end of next month (November 2015).

In response to your specific questions:

  • We will support Remote Desktop and VNC by year end

  • We absolutely want to release an API to our environment and open up communication and event triggering to anything out there. This is one of our key priorities for 2016.

  • We don't have a ticketing system if that is what you intend by form, but may look at including some very basic functionality along with a professional dashboard when we get there. Suggestions in this sense welcome.

  • We don’t really do asset tracking other than reporting IP and MAC address and apply some basic algo in guessing the type of device which we plan to improve on. We will soon also provide SNMP support and hence be able to provide more info/functionality  around devices that are SNMP-enabled (some of this will be very cool, for managed POE switches for example). Other than that though, we are essentially an agent-less monitoring tool which means we cannot display for example what software runs on a PC or on a windows or linux server since that would require an agent or wmi to run on the other side. This latter part is currently out of scope.

Let us know if you require more info. 

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i think domotz could actually be better than spiceworks because spiceworks doesnt run on embedded hardware. You could power a raspberry pi from the usb port of your router. Also spiceworks sometimes displays confusing information like blank pages for features that SNMP doesnt have for a particular device although the important bit for me regarding snmp is that it should be able to display every information on smnp about a device that it has and not show the ones that it doesnt have.


One of the reasons for all these features isnt just monitoring but to be able to configure things from the device itself which is often better than using the web interface of a smart switch.

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