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iOS 12 Betta


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Dear Domotz User,


thanks for reporting this issue.


Our engineering team is aware of this and will make sure that as soon as the iOS 12 will be production ready, the Domotz App will be compatible and working with it.


Please note that Domotz Pro is considered a professional tool. As such, we provide full assistance with the compatibility with stable OS (either on Android or iOS devices). Given that the Beta of iOS 12 have been released only few days ago, and it is still in Beta, we strongly recommend Domotz Users, not to enroll the first version of any upgrade (especially when they are in Beta), if they rely on Domotz Pro for professional remote assistance.

Having said that, we will definitely support iOS 12, as soon as the OS will be out of the beta program.


Thanks for your understanding.

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we can definitely provide you with a pre-release for the Domotz App. However, we are not sure when this will be available yet.

Meanwhile, I would recommend to use the WebApp, even through the Mobile (if you can't rollback the iOS and you rely on Domotz Pro app to provide your services to your customers).

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It's ok, I will anxiously await.


If sending via TestFlight, send to glopezpadro@me.com.




- Gil 

Sorry, send to glopezpadro@outlook.com as this is my Apple Dev account. 

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