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Locations on a map

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I have a site that has devices located on a big area (75ha) in multiple buildings.

Now, i use zones and locations, but it would be great to have a graphic view of that.



I see 2 ways to have a map of zone/locations. (*)

First, maybe the simplest, would be to be able to localize zones on the map, like we localize sites.We could then either specify GPS coordinates for a zone or define a point on the map.


The second would need more work. It would need to be able to import a drawing of the building map and then define rooms according to location names.


On a big area like the one I talk here, it would be a great help to be able to see the position on the map/building of the specific device.



(*) i talk about zones because i use them as building-identifier, but maybe add a new field building would be better.



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