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It would be nice if we could control the level of access for our Team Members other than just assigning them to specific agents. For example, giving read only access vs. read/write. For example, the Domotz user name is the same as our e-mail (and there currently is no way to have a different e-mail for notifications vs login access) and we use a specific e-mail for all of our notifications so we can scrape them and automate trouble tickets. Thus, we have a Team Member just for our e-mail alerts. It would be nice if we could make this account read only since it's only used for alert generation.   

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I second this request.  Maybe this should be under feature request?


To expand on this, it would be nice if you could group agents under specific groups and assign the groups to team members.  The reason for this suggestion is currently from what I can tell, there are 2 options when creating new team members (Team Member - All Access) or (Field Technician - Assign agents). 


As an example we have the owners house on this, and he does not want all technicians to see his house.  If I had 100 accounts (1 day) it will be difficult to assign technicians as field techs and then assign each agent to the field tech.  As well we would need to do this every time we add a new agent.


I can elaborate more if required.


Thank you,


Sorry my bad, it is under feature requests.  I must have been drinking!!

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