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21 Day Free Trial - limited to Standard plan?

Guest Jeff

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So I just signed up a new account for the first time with the 21 Day trial to have a look around and check things out.


However it seems the free trial is limited to the Standard Plan - so I can't try all of the features without paying.


Even trying to pay for 1 credit asks me to fill out my Account details in the portal - but there's no Save or Submit button so I can't pay to try the features.


Doesn't seem like a good start for prospective customers to not get the full experience with the trial and can't pay for it either.

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Dear Jeff,


I apologize for this limitation (about the trial available only for the Standard plan). We are going to remediate to that in the next few weeks.


With regard to the Account details, there is no SAVE button because the information are automatically saved when writing.


However, if you send your account email address to support(at)domotz.com, we will be happy to add one free credit to your account to let you try the Advanced plan.


Thanks for your understanding,


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Just a quick update on this thread. With the rollout of the subscription monthly model, any new user will be able to configure and run as many Domotz Agent as he/she wants during the Trial period, and the Trial is not limited to the Standard plan anymore.

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On 1/6/2019 at 12:04 PM, KEM said:

How do I get the trial of the advanced plan?  I've tried everything to just buy it but I can't even seem to do that.




The trial of the Advanced plan is restricted to the new users, for the first 21days. During that Trial period, users can install as many Domotz Agent as they want and on different plans.


On the other hand, at the moment it is not possible to trial the Advanced plan if user registered the account few months back.

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