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Config of an unknown device


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I have an Domotz installed with devices on seperate VLAN's. I have purchased the advanced subscription plan so I can see all the devices. Problem is I have an Aten PDU that I want to control via the config tab but the device comes up as unrecognised so I dont have the option to control it. Is there a way I can manually set it up as a Aten PDU?

Domotz is on 192.168.2.??, Aten PDU is on 192.168.3.??





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If the PDU is on a proper VLAN, I would recommend configuring Domotz to scan multiple VLANs, instead of using the "Scan additional Layer 3 Subnets" available with the Advanced Plan.


In that case, the Domotz Agent will scan the additional VLAN as if it is the default one (therefore the ATEN PDU will be recognized as such).


If you are using the Domotz Box, through the local Web Interface available on the Box (on port :3000), you will be guided on how to configure VLANs on the Box. If you are using your own hardware, you should find the guide to configure VLAN at OS level.


Unfortunately, if the device is not on a Layer 2 connected subnet (e.g. the VLAN), the Agent won't be able to get the MAC address and as such it won't be able to proper recognize the device.

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