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TCP Tunnel - Crestron from remote


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This is all the steps to connect from remote to your Crestron Processor using Domotz Pro:


Crestron Instruction


  1. Select the Crestron Processor from the Domotz WebApp → Device list → Device
  2. Go in "Connect" tab
  3. Click on "Create a TCP tunnel"
  4. Insert the Crestron Processor SSH service Port. By default "22"
  5. Wait to have the tunnel setup
  6. You get two information:
    • Host
    • Port
  7. Open Crestron Toolbox program on your Laptop and:
  • Open a new project
  • Insert the previously retrieved Host/Port to be inserted in the following screen, make sure to use the SSH service as the newer firware uses it for connection , other protocols are disable by default (see below as an example)


  • Save & Apply
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