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Raspberry Pi Agent behind a Sophos Firewall


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Good Day,

We have quite a few of these units rolled out in the field.  This is the first time I have seen this issue.  We have an agent running on a network, and the customers firewall is a Sophos SG.  The unit connects and does the network scan properly.  However we are not able to connect to any device and there is a Yellowish bar in the mobile app and the browser that indicates:


"It looks like there may be network delays.If the problem persists contact Domotz Support."


Any suggestions on how to resolve this?


Thank you,

Chris A

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Hi Chris,


the Domotz Pro agent only requires outgoing connections to be available on the Firewall. Most of the connections are on HTTPS (port 443, which are usually enabled by default), but some services (required to perform remote connections or command to the Domotz Agent) are on different SSL secure channel.


For a complete list of required outgoing ports to be available, please have a look at the following FAQ:




I hope this helps.

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