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Windows 10 Agent Manager Doesn't Install


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I recently purchased the Domotz PRO subscription for a year.  I downloaded the Windows 10 Agent Manager software and installed it. 

I received the message that:

"Domotz Requires Virtualization and that the virtualization option was not enabled on my hardware".


I restarted my system and went into the BIOS and found that Virtualization IS ENABLED for my system.


Anyone else run into this or have a solution?


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Hi @TaylorSystems,


Sometimes our Installer will not be able to check if the Virtualization is enabled or not in the system, usually when you already have a virtualization system installed.


You can check this by running this command:





The output should be like this for our installer validate the virtualization support:

The Domotz Agent Windows installer create a Virtual Box instance running an VM with the Agent. If you already have a virtualization environment on your system the best would be to add our image to the current environment. The latest version of the image is always available in this JSON file: https://portal.domotz.com/assets/ubuntu-domotz-agent.json


This image is similar to the Windows Installer.  We are working on a version of the Agent native for Windows that should be available in Q2 next year.


Please do not hesitate to contact our support (support@domotz.com) if you have any problems installing the Domotz Agent Windows installer or importing it to your current environment.


Kind regards,

Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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