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TCP Tunnel - Q-Sys Designer from remote


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Here's how to connect to a remote QSC Q-Sys Core via Domotz. These directions and the attached script are based off the Extron from remote thread. I've modified the script to work with the ports Q-Sys uses.

Q-Sys Instructions

1. Select the Q-Sys Core from the Domotz WebApp → Device list → Device

2. Go to "Connect" tab

3. Click on "Open a TCP tunnel"

4. Insert the TCP Port. By default you will need to open 3 tunnels for the following ports: 80, 1700 and 6504.

5. Wait to have the tunnel setup

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each port.

7. You will have a host and a port for each TCP Tunnel (see the Extron thread linked at the top for screenshots).

8. Open the .bat file as Administrator (see link below) and enter the requested information on the screen.

9. Add a hard link within Q-Sys Designer following QSC's documentation and use the loopback address you chose (e.g. Note: Make sure the mode is set to HTTP. You should see it turn green.


10. Click OK, then File -> Load from Core & Connect and you should see the Core listed there to connect to. 


Domotz Q-Sys Connect.bat

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So I'm encountering some trouble getting connected to my QSys Core. I've opened the TCP Tunnels for the ports you listed, used the .bat file to open the connection to the loopback address, and set the hard link in QSys designer. The hard link never shows active. I disabled my firewall to ensure that it wasn't causing the issue.

I also discovered some QSC documentation that suggests that port 443 needs to be available between the software and core, so I modified the .bat file to include that port as well, and still am not getting connected. I tried using a variety of different local port numbers to try and get it working, and have had no luck. Do you have any suggestions?


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The best settings are to open a local VPN over Domotz to the site, and open port 443 and 6504. then use the actual IP address of the core in HTTP on the designer static route settings, not the loopback address.

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The ports needed are actually 80, 1704, 6504, and 443. Adjust the .bat file accordingly and it works great.

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