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Lots of devices not showing


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Hi all, 


I installed Domotz on my Synology, it has found about 15 devices,

however there are a lot that it did not find, like one of my samsung tablets, one of my phones, my ereader enz...

When I add it manually by entering the ip adress of the device it tells me "This address is already monitored on your network"

what is wrong here?


Thanks for the help.

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Hi @Synuser ,


Were these devices connected to a WiFi extender configured in bridge mode? If so, that's the problem. All IP addresses will respond using the same MAC Address (the device making the bridge). The Agent considers the MAC Address when identifying a device, all IPs should be listed in the WiFi Extender details if this is the case.


Could you please send your Domotz account to support@domotz.com, we will investigate what is the cause for this problem.


Kind regards,

Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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