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Cisco 2960X Switches

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Anyone else out there using 2960 series POE switches?  I've deployed Domotz on 9 networks that each have 1 or more 2960 switches and the feedback in Domotz is inconsistent.  Most don't show any POE capabilities, some of them show interfaces that are out of order.  Looks like some of them are missing critical OID's all together and some are just jumbled around.  Firmware for these switches is all over the place.  Anyone else seeing this behavior?  I thought it would have to do with the firmware version on the switches but have tried a couple different versions with no luck yet.

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Hey Silvio!


So far, no improvement.  I wasn't able to locate a T train release for the 2960 switches.  Maybe I don't have that clearance level or just don't know where to look.  The T train doesn't appear to be an option for Catalyst switches.  The E train is designed specifically for them though.  Any advise on where to get a T train release that won't brick my switches?

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It must be something really particular. We have hundreds of customers with 2960 switches and not aware of any particular issues. Are you sure you properly configure the SNMP communities within domotz? In any case I recommend you to write to support@domotz.com by indicating your account and the agents having the problem. You may need to share a view with them. 

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