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Domotz Agent on Synology DS1618+ ?


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I had a Domotz Agent running quite nicely, on a Synology DS1515+.

The DS1515+ took a dump, so I migrated all drives to a new Synology DS1618+.

The migration went perfectly, with the exception of the Domotz agent

When displaying the installed pakages, the DS1618+ displayed the message "Error" under the Domotz package, and instructed to uninstall it.

Now that I have done so, I do NOT see a Domotz package available in the list of ALL packages displayed.

Is there no Domotz agent available for this NAS model?


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Please note that even though we have already provided the Domotz Packaged to Synology for that specific Architecture (DS1618+ - denverton x64), Synology have not yet published on their store. I hope this is going to happen soon.


Anyway, you can download the package directly online at:



Have a try, and do not hesitate to contact us directly on support@domotz.com if you have any further issue.


One more info. If you succeed with the installation of the package on the new Synology, please follow the steps recommended at the following link to migrate the Domotz Agent (license and data) on the new hardware:



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