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Device Detection Behind WiFi Extender


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I just installed a Ring doorbell and had to use a WiFi extender.  In the Domotz device list, it picks up the extender's IP and mac address but the agent does not see the Ring doorbell at all.


I looked in my router's arp table and I see two IP's associated with the extender's mac address.  I believe one of the IP's is the Ring (it is pingable).


I think this is normal, i.e., the way the extender works.  In other words, I don't see the Ring's mac address anywhere except if I look on the extender itself.


But since there are two distinct IP's (one for the extender and one for the Ring) I would like to monitor the Ring's IP in Domotz.  Can this be done?

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Unfortunately those type of WiFi extender (Layer 3 only) do not forward the MAC address of the extended WiFi client. For this reason, those devices cannot be monitored through Domotz.


As a matter of fact, if you click on the WiFi extender device in Domotz, you might see the IP address of the Ring doorbell (as it happens in the router ARP table).


There are two options:

1. use Layer 2 WiFi  extenders or Access Points

2. Assign the Ring a static IP. let the Domotz Agent monitor only a subset of the default subnet, which doesn't include the Ring IP. Then configure the agent to scan additional subnet part, which only includes the Ring


I hope this helps 

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