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iptables configuration.

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For security reasons, I've put all my IOT devices on a separate Wifi (separate SSID, VLAN and Subnet). There's a pfsense router between my main network and the IOT network.

The Domotz agent runs on Debian Stretch on a box sitting in my main network. Now in order to allow the IOT subnet to be Domotz scanned and monitored, I've created a second VLAN interface on the Domotz machine which is connected to the IOT VLAN. While this works great, securitywise this is not the best solution because the Domotz Box could be used to break from the IOT Subnet into my main subnet.


So my idea is to use iptables to filter traffic on the VLAN interface of the Domotz machine. 


Question: How do I do that? What traffic do I need to allow through for basic device scanning and presence detection?


Thanks // Tom


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