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long running script ie11


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I have a device on one of my networks that only works on ie11. When i connect to the site in ie11 i am unable to display the list of devices and therefore connect to the devices gui because i keep getting a long running script error so the web portal is not responding. Anyone have ideas how i can get around the problem?

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If I understood correctly what you are trying to achieve is the Remote Connection to a device that only works with ie11.


If this is the case, the best workaround to this is that you open a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) to connect to the Domotz Portal. Then, instead of connect directly to its HTTP (or HTTPS) service, "Open a TCP tunnel" on that same port:

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 6.10.36 AM.png


you get an URL when done (around 10 seconds):


Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 6.10.58 AM.png


then use the URL provided by the Domotz Pro App/WebApp within the ie11 browser. Note: the URL is only valid if the ie11 connection comes with the same public IP address of the browser creating the connection.


I hope this helps.

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