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Problem with Installing Domotz Service on Windows 10


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I currently have 3 Windows 10 Agents that were installed on existing computers within their networks.


I can see that the install process seems to have 2 parts where the first part installs the Domotz Agent (with a VM) and the last part is setting up the service (used for automatic restarting, I think).


The problem is that in setting up the Domotz service, any service requires a Username and Password to allow the system to initiate the functionality of the service and the service installation logic populates the username field and does not allow you to supply alternate credentials (or alternate account to start the service). It seems to try to use the currently logged on username. This was Ok in previous installations, but the last one was a problem that prevented setting up the Domotz service.


The problem is that the username is 'G. Thomas Cloyd' and the Domotz service installation logic captures only the 'g.' portion of the username. This username field is locked and you cannot supply alternate username and password credentials, so setting up the Domotz service is not possible.



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Hi @TaylorSystems,


Thank you for reporting this issue.

We will try to fix it on next Windows Agent Manager release (or at least unlock the username field).

In the meantime we can suggest the following workaround:


Open Windows Task Scheduler and create a new task "At system startup".

Follow the configuration below.

Once inserted the account at bottom it should prompt for the password.

Restart the system and Domotz should now run without requiring any login action on Windows.


Kind regards,

Andrea Tondo



Change Domotz Task Account.png

Change Domotz Task Account 2.png

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Thanks. I created this Startup Task.


I appreciate the instructions to get this taken care of. I will look for the next release of the Domotz Agent for Windows 10.


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