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Domotz Agent Throwing an Error Preventing VirtualBox Staring


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I have run into a new error that just started a few days ago.  When VirtualBox tries to create a Domotz Agent session, it appears that an error is thrown which is causing VirtualBox to abort starting the Domotz VM session.


I have attached a screenshot of the initial error dialog box and the followup error dialog box.


VirtualBox Error When Starting Domotz Agent - Part 2 (2019-02-09).png

VirtualBox Error When Starting Domotz Agent (2019-02-09).png

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Mhm... this error is quite strange. We can see with our engineering what it might refer to.


If you have familiarity with VirtualBox or other VM server, would you be able to install directly a new VM with our image? If so, that is probably a good workaround for the short term. See below for the instruction.


We have the OVA used by the Domotz Agent Windows installer, you can download it here:


User: domotz
Password: domotz

The latest version of the image is always available in this JSON file: https://portal.domotz.com/assets/ubuntu-domotz-agent.json

This image is similar to the Windows Installer, to activate the Agent on the VM use the Domotz Pro app or connect to the VM port 3000 via a browser (http://<VM_IP>:3000).

Please, do not hesitate to contact us back if you need any further assistance: just remember, we are always an email away if you need any assistance with Domotz Pro.

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