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Let's start discussing about possible usage of Domotz Public API

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As you might be aware, in Q4 2018 we opened our cloud-based RESTful API to the public to be used by Domotz Users to get information out of our cloud or update configuration or more.


Any developers has now have an easy and comprehensive way to integrate third party applications with the Domotz Pro solution for several purposes. E.g.:


  • Custom Dashboards: you can build your own dashboard to show the status of all the devices you are monitoring for your customers, and you can enrich it with your own data
  • Asset Management: you can build your own Asset Management tool. In an instant, you can retrieve the enriched list of all the devices online/offline in any single network you monitor and manage through Domotz
  • Customized Reports: create your customized reports and provide them to your customers. You can create and host on your servers script to extract data out of Domotz and prepare PDF or XLS sheet you can finalize with your own data
  • Identify the most trouble device: create your custom script to extract the most troubled devices among all your Agents for example by identifying which one drops out of the network the most often
  • self-healing script: write your own script that reboot a device (either through the connected PDU or PoE port of the switch, or through soft reboot) in the case it is discovered offline
  • much more: the only limit is your imagination


We will use this area of the forum to post open source code, developed using the Domotz Public API and to get feedback on those.


Please, use this section also to ask questions or advices on how to best use the Domotz Public API for your specific use cases.


For reference, Documentation related to the latest version of the Public API is available here.

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First of all, thanks very much for this!


I would love to be able to do a REST streaming call which would return device status changes (JSON) as they happen.  This is better for both sides, since it's a nailed-up connection, we avoid the overhead of connection setup and time delay between polling cycles.  

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