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Let's start discussing about possible usage of Domotz Public API


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On 5/15/2020 at 11:52 AM, ConR said:

I'm with MarkB on this, do you have a roadmap or plan to extend the Network Statistics for interfaces to the API? Would it be better for us to generate Eyes on the Oid's and interfaces we want to monitor specifically? I write custom reporting / dashboards for our customers, and I integrate with other TimeSeries databases, and it would be nice to have this be able to dump into my Database, where I could then graph that historical data with tools like Grafana, or my own custom JS without having to expose the Domotz. It's great to have one tool actually doing the snmp scraping to keep device load down.Thanks for a clean product! 


MarkB, ConR, you both are right on this. We have this on our roadmap. Hopefully we will have an endpoint on the Public API to retrieve the historical data of a network interface (from Managed Switches) soon. 

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