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https connectivity to a device


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Good Day,

We have a site which has a device that requires https access.  The connection in Domotz works, but by default the page that renders is a user page not the administrator page.  you need to remove the last few charachters of the url

example : /user

and replace with /admin

This process works through VPN, or locally, but through Domotz whenever I replace the last characters in the URL the browser tab closes immediately.  I have tried with multiple browsers on multiple PC's.

Any ideas are appreciated.  We wish to remove the VPN device, but do not want to lose access to this device.


Just an idea, it may be cool to be able to insert url info in the connection string.


Thank you,



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Hi @Ipfreely,


Try to open a TCP Tunnel to port 443 and then with the address and port provided you should be able to customize the address bar as you wish.


Please give a try and share with us if you succeed.


Kind regards,

Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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