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Domotz Pro feature parity with Fingbox


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Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing the Domotz Box but I couldn't find anything definitive that covers a line by line comparison of features, especially the security ones, between Domotz Pro and the Fingbox.  I'd like to see where or if there are any differences so I can determine if Domotz Pro is the way to go because some features I may not want to live without.  Thank you in advance for any feedback here!

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Hi, yes they are two distinct produts meant for different purposes.

Fingbox more for consumer self-troubleshooting. Domotz for professional remote management, monitoring and support of customers.

Also please oe that the Domotz box itself does not have wifi features 


The good news is: if you buy a fingbox, you can also activate Domotz Pro there without buying any additional hardware. If you have already a Fingbox have a try, you can enable Domotz Pro from within the fing app! In this way you can get the best of both.

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Thanks for the update.  The unfortunate part though is the lack of multi VLAN support on the Fingbox.  I know what Domotz has that Fingbox does not...what I'm really wondering, if I cannot get a line by line comparison of features, is what security features does Fingbox have that Domotz does not?  Thanks!

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As a matter of fact you should see them as two distinct services, that can run also in the same box.

What domotz has hat fingboes does not have, I understand is clear to you.

What Domotz does not have are wifi-specific features. Infact domotz, as an RMM tool is expected to run on wired devices (for instance the Domotz box does not even have a wifi chip).

For anyone that loves both the tools I would definitely recommend to buy a fingbox  (one-off, no subsciption) and then additionally activate a domotz subscription on it.



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I would be interested in learning what features Domotz has that Fingbox doesn't via a line-by-line comparison?


Or more specifically the differences between running the Domotz Agent on a Fingbox vs on its own Domotz box to be exact.


Thanks & kind regards,


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Hi GlynH,


Please note that the agent on the Fingbox will run exactly like the agent on the Domotz Box! You must just see fingbox and and domotz pro as two distinct software running on the same device (Only exception is for multi-vlan support which is not supported on the fingbox hw).


We do not consider Domotoz Pro and Fingbox competing each other in terms of features. It is just the use cases they solve are distinct. Domotz is a subscription SaaS for IT professionals and any business. Example of features that are in Domotz Pro and not in Fingbox:

  • Remote power management for PDUs, IP poower plugs and PoE switches (all major brands supported)
  • Automated port-device mapping for managed switches (all SNMP standard switches supported)
  • Secure remote connection (TCP/HTTP/SSH/Telnet/RDP)
  • Advanced monitoring of ethernet  interfaces
  • SNMP monitoring
  • TCP services monitoring
  • External IP host monitoring
  • Multiple vlan support
  • Additional subnet monitoring
  • Device response time (RTD) monitoring
  • Advanced integration for security cameras (we support all cameras compliant with the Onvif standard)
  • Advanced support for Wi-Fi access points monioring and management (only ruckus for now, but ubiquity and meraki are planned over the coming months)
  • Public API 
  • Shared Alerts, webhooks, slack integration
  • Advanced integration with a number of manufacturers in the space of Home Automation and AV  (Crestron, Control4, D-Tools, Wyrestorm, LibertyAV, Sonos, Denon, Marantz, Stormaudio)
  • Scalability: with the domotz platform we have customers monitoring and managing professionally hundreds (and even thousands) of networks
  • Administration & features for MSPs
    • team management
    • collaboration
    • shared alerts and profles
    • multi-client account
    • two-factor authentication
    • Custom branding options

Perhaps I have not mentioned all. I would recommend to have a look to the pricing page where you can have a better picture. Also, if you have not tried Domotz yet, please note that there is a 21 days free trial (and a wonderful support if you have specific questions).


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As mentioned before, I'm more interested in the features Domotz Pro is lacking, primarily around security, in comparison to Fingbox.  Also, as mentioned before, I need VLAN support and this is my reason for interest in Domotz over Fingbox.  Your suggestion for loading Domotz on Fingbox does not solve this problem as there is still the single VLAN limitation of the Fingbox involved.

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On 4/10/2019 at 7:37 PM, Silvio said:

Nmiller, actually you are right!

Unfortunately Domotz pro on the fingbox hw does not support multiple vlans. Other features would work.

Hi Silvio,


Sorry to jump on you here but could you please take a look as myself and others are not able to run Domotz on our Fingboxes. It installs OK and even allows you to activate it but then immediately sets itself to 'Inactive'.

I have have the same issue on two different Fingboxes (V2) on two seperate networks.

Would be grateful if you could give any advice as I am half way through my eval period and it is very important to me to be able to test it running on a Fingbox so I can make a informed decision if to pay for the full Domotz service on all my Fingboxes.


Thank you!

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