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Feedback on App v0.9.4-b008


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Here is some feedback on the v0.9.4-b008 Android App:

1) I like the new dashboard. Brings a bunch of key pieces right to the front.

2) Will the "tiles" be able to be rearranged?

3) For the Devices tile. Would it be possible to move the # of devices so it is inline with the Devices tile label? That way you see you have (in my case) 37 devices total. Then break out the online and offline below that instead of having the total devices and number of online ones.

4) Network tile opens to the Route Analysis but the information it shows as the default is the Speed Test. So it would be better if it opened up the Speed Test.

5) The speed test data only remains on the Network tile until the app is shut down and cleared from memory. Could it retain the last time run maybe with an "as of X days ago"?

6) Something is odd with Alerts. I had 2 custom alerts but one was for an Arduino I no longer need (came up with a better temp/humidity sensor based on a Photon). When I cleared the alert out and saved it it still shows in the alert list as having an alert. The Alerts tile shows me as having 2 custom. But going back into the device alert shows it is blank (nothing there).

7) The Collaboration and Help tiles need to be brought so they are all on the initial screen. Not sure if all the tiles need to be made a bit smaller or what, but I did not even realize there was a Guests number and a Documentation area for them that I could see if I scrolled down. So I guess that leaves a bit of interface training for the user. Either change the layout so all tiles (6 total) show completely on the screen or add a scroll bar when they extend past it. That would allow users (if/when tiles are customizable) to add even more but risks getting a bit sloppy.

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Let's see what I can answer.

2. Not something that's planned at the moment.

3. I'll discuss this internally and see what they think.

4. Noted and will discuss this with the team.

5. It'll be available soon.

6. Have you tried clearing the app cache? This might be due to some retained data from the previous build.

7. Noted and will discuss this with the team. This is the first release of the new UI, so it'll be tweaked over time to make it more user friendly.

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Tried clearing the app's cache to correct #6 but it did not fix it.

Unrelated question... If I connect my RasPi with a wired Ethernet (it uses wireless) the Domotz agent will not work across that also because it is tied to the MAC address? 

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Ok, I'll report it as a potential bug tomorrow.

Give it a try, but I don't know if they've solved that issue quite yet. It will be fixed though, as there are loads of devices that we support that have more than one MAC address.

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Tried it. It appears to have worked just fine, with the following oddities (first is obvious):

1) The App reports that one important device is offline... because the RasPi MAC address identified as the Domotz itself when offline (apparently RasPi does not run both at once, or mine is not configured that way, so plugging in the Ethernet disabled the Wifi). This is obvious because it was identified as an important item so it SHOULD have notified about it.

2) The other oddity is that when I first brought up the App it stated all the expected devices (38 now) but looking at the lists within Devices it only came to 5 in all. Once I went back to the dashboard and double checked the total, then selected Devices again it had all 38 again.

3) This is just a note... I think by default the Domotz agent/app should identify whatever device is running the agent as an Important item by default. I do not remember if I mentioned that before.

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