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Lets add private subnets without being greedy....


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Guys lets get an option to provide private subnet monitoring without going overboard - 7 credits a month to add a couple more private subnets is excessive... I prepaid for a year and now the customer is asking me to pull the box out because we need to monitor 5 private subnets and the price is going to skyrocket....

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Hi @jburk,


Note that if you configure those subnets as proper VLANs there is no need for the premium plan. Please reach out our support channel (support@domot.com) and we will do our best to assist you to find a solution.


Kind regards,

Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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On top of the previous comment (you can add as many VLANs as you want on your Domotz Agent, but please contact support to find the best solution for your case), I would like to add that the Premium plan does not offer only additional Subnets which can be added. It adds premium features (Device Round Trip Delays, CyberSecurity perimeter scans, Shared Alerts and integrations and in future even more interesting ones), volumes on API usage, volume on EYEs/SNMP/TCP, volumes on external Hostnames to be monitored, volumes on Remote Connectivity, and more).  

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Yeah gents, but the real challenge is that often in a campus environment - even a small school district in this case - every VLAN just doesn't exist on every switch. A lot of it is routed - meaning either multiple monitoring boxes/agents (more $$$) or the 'premium' plan (even more $$$)


Guys, I really want to like the product - I think it fits well into our A/V play. The device discovery has the brands that we need for that side of the business. But this is now the 3rd time we've tried to kick off with Domotz only to run into a limitation that makes the product unfit for that environment.


I'd love to have these in every residential deployment and SMB deployment, but you've got to offer a plan that fits these environments or I can't take the risk of going all-in on this platform - the 2 credits per month doesn't offer the scalability we need for the SMB - and the 7 credits plan is priced outside of where we can throw it in as a 'value-add'


I'm now holding a 1 year pre-paid box (because I couldn't apply my credits to it) that hasn't been a fit for 2 customers so far - I'm just asking that you lighten up on the remote subnet / external device monitoring. We NEED that functionality in the SMB market, I don't see where it costs you more to relax the restrictions on that - but the pricing to unlock that makes PRTG the more attractive investment.

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As recommended by my colleague Henrique, please drop us an email. We will make sure to deal this appropriately.


Just as a side note, PRTG has a cost per single sensor. One single switch with 52 ports is equivalent to 676 "sensors" we include in Domotz (even in the Lite plan). As a matter of fact, for each port of the switch we report:

- In/Out bandwidth

- In/Out packet resend

- In/Out errors

- Admin/Config status

- Connected device

- Negotiated bandwidth

- PoE Status

- PoE power usage

- Capability

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