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Offline/Cached Mode


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Feature request for the apps. An offline/cached mode that at the least allows read-only information about the devices as of the last time the app was connected. This mode should have a pretty obvious warning banner (like the current no connection) but still retain the last device data.

An improvement on that read-only method would be a queued changes method. It would allow someone to make changes with the app while offline (to the best of the app's data). When the app goes online again it would perform the changes requested.

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What you ask is already possible if the agent is offline or down (change the settings of many devices from the app and then reconciliate all the data when back on - click-to-enter and other features are disabled in such cases). I know this is not what you meant, but somehow testify our efforts and willingness to keeping the user experience tolerant to disconnections any time this is possible

Caching inside the app, is quite more complicated, but our APP experts are just telling me, not so impossible! 

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