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Domotz shows as offline when WAN failover occurs


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We have a site which benefits from its own fibre to the building internet service. It also has an old ADSL connection as a backup. This is only active if the fibre service goes down. Due to a technical fault locally in the area, the fibre line when down over the weekend, so the ADSL service kicked in and took over internet provision to the property. When the fibre service went down, Domotz showed the site as offline. It had to be rebooted before it detected the alternate route to the internet. The fibre service was reconnected this morning and again, Domotz is showing the site as being offline (as the ADSL service disconnects when not in use). Is there a setting we've missed to have the box check it's route to the internet more often?

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Hi intallersteve,

what you described is not the expected behaviour. Domotz should be recovering to the online status pretty soon. It might be another problem. If ths issue happens again (or if you hae more details about the past one) I recommend to write immediately to support@domotz.com.

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