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Speed test options


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Is there a way to increase the regularity of the speed test? We have a customer that is claiming that there are regular drops in speed. We have had the unit in for just over a week, and while we've seen one or 2 minor drops in speed , it's not rgeular enough to verify an issue. Can it be changed to 1 hour/30 mins etc? Even temporarily?




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Hi Mark,


I am sorry for this, but unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We will keep adding functionalities to the Domotz Pro service, and one of those will be the possibility to increase (or decrease) the frequency of execution of speed tests. However, we do not have an ETA for this.


Thanks for your understanding,



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Twice a day just isn't enough in some occasions.  I'm having to do some bandwidth testing and two a day doesn't cut it.  I can't believe that this is putting a huge burden on the Domotz Box, nor can I believe that this is a huge programming challenge for it to be expanded.  So just like the OP I have a network diagnostic need to accomplish this task more often.


2 years has elapsed since the OP had this question/request.


Why can't an hourly test be an option, at least for a 24 hour period?


Is there at least a hack of some sort to increase the frequency?

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