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I'm testing the Domotz monitoring, this sound great.

I try the security feature, and it found 22 Potential Issues Found but I cannot see the list of issue.

Is there a place to see those issues? when I click on the link I only see that I don't have new security issue, but not able to see the initial list.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Hi Bruno,


sorry for the delay in getting back on this. If I understood correctly your scenario (some screenshot might help), you have "old" potential issues found which have not been acknowledged. If you are sure those issues have been resolved, just cancel them: if the tool find them again, they will appear back. 


On the other hand, if you are aware of those potential vulnerabilities, but they are necessary for your business, acknowledge them.


In any case, it is great if you can share access to your Agent with our Support and contact us via email. We will be able to access to your Agent and understand why you see 22 Potential Issues, but when accessing to them, you don't see them.





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