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Corporate client facing app


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We are an AV integrator dealing mostly with Corporate clients.  We are currently in the testing stage with a single Domotz Agent on a client's site and are experimenting with what it will allow us to offer.


I've just looked at the Violet app features for the first time, and it is far too domestic.  We would like to offer our clients an app so that they can monitor the devices themselves, but we cannot offer them Violet as it stands.


Will you be offering a client app aimed at corporate clients and business users?


Many thanks



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Hi Dan,


I confirm that we have in the roadmap the possibility to offer a client app for Commercial and Business markets. The current Violet App is really targeting the Residential space (see for example the parental control features, people presence, etc).


However, at the moment the recommendation is to allow your customers to access to the Domotz App by creating Field Operator accounts for them. As a matter of fact, when creating Field Operators you can specify which Domotz Agent they can access to, and monitor device, remote into them, setting alerts, and so on.


For more information:


https://domotzpro.tome.host/tc/12784 (see Field Operators section)




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i agree that we need something else for our clients, as violet isnt really what i want them to have.

we are in the residential space, but it seems to difficult for them to restart things from that app.

especially because our clients have so many devices.


adding macro restarting to vilolet (like ovrc home has) would be great.

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