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Get Two Daily Alearts


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In the Domotz Daily Alert Digest you are on able to pick one.  I will like to Pick more the One Real Time and the Daily Digest.  These would be good for our team.  



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Dear Veltron,


if I understood correctly, you would like to receive both the Real Time email notifications, and a Daily Digest. If this is the case, it makes sense: we have included your request in the list of features requests.


At the moment, you can achieve a  slightly different results with either of the following workaround:


a. You receive mobile push notifications (real-time) and a Daily Digest on email: in this case, for each device/event you are interested in, you should set a notification method with both mobile and email. Note: mobile notifications are not silenced when Daily Digest is active

b. You configure Shared Alerts and Personal Alerts on the same device: you will receive real-time email thanks to the Shared Alerts, and the digest thanks to the Personal Alert configuration


I hope this helps.


Best regards,


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